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DiaLogo® control software gives you fast access to process control technology, on site or via remote maintenance. It presents the necessary process parameters according to your individual specifications. Intuitive to operate, DiaLogo® controls, measures, regulates and monitors the efficient operation of your machine and system processes. Existing systems and controllers can be modernised or incorporated. DiaLogo® is used at home and abroad for various kinds of machines and equipment:

  • Industrial systems/feeding systems
  • Waste water treatment plants/pumping stations
  • Photovoltaic systems
  • Food industry/filling systems
  • Combined heat and power units
  • Building automation

and much more.



DiaLogo® presents process data, such as temperatures, pressures, speeds and fill levels, in a central location and in freely configurable trend diagrams or clearly organised tables so that you can operate your machine or system efficiently. The software detects and archives every process value deviation. Thanks to its comprehensive reporting system, DiaLogo® helps you rapidly analyse and correct errors.

With the DiaLogo®'s modular design, you only use the modules that meet your individual requirements. The modular structure also allows different modules to be added at any time, meaning you don't have to invest in the full version from the beginning. Your system can therefore grow with your company according to your specific operational requirements. In addition, you can store specific trends yourself, allowing you to work flexibly without needing external assistance. All you have to pay are individual licence fees. Highlights of the control software include:

  • Automatic calculation of average, minimum and maximum values of all work processes and parameters
  • Display of process values and states in near real time
  • Display of archived process data for error analysis
  • Data export to Excel
  • Data logger – high resolution for faults, analysis and display
  • Process visualisation for an unlimited number of machines and systems
  • Extensive alarm feature using SMS or email, also includes archiving
  • Assignment of individual user rights
  • Optional updates refine and expand the range of functions