DiaLogo: performance meets precision

DiaLogo® software provides you with quick access to your process control system on-site or remotely. It displays the necessary process parameters according to customer specifications in a transparent manner. With its intuitive operation, DiaLogo®controls, measures, regulates and monitors the efficient operation of your machine and plant processes. Existing systems and controls can be replaced or updated by the flexible Plug&Play system. DiaLogo® is used nationally and internationally for various machines and systems:

  • Biogas plants
  • Block-type thermal power stations
  • Feeding systems
  • Building automation
  • Industrial plant
  • Sewage plants
  • Solar panel systems
  • Pump stations

and many more.


DiaLogo®: intelligent control software

DiaLogo® centrally displays process data such as temperature, pressure, speed or fill level in freely configurable curve charts or clearly arranged tables for the efficient operation of your machines or systems. The software detects and archives any discrepant process values. DiaLogo® enables rapid fault analysis and correction through its comprehensive message system.

With DiaLogo®'s modular system, you only use the software modules that correspond to your particular requirements. You can upgrade any time thanks to the modular structure. This means that, with DiaLogo®, you can optimise your existing software solutions. Unlike other software, DiaLogo® does not have any licensing fees. The control software's highlights include:

  • Automatic calculation of average, minimum and maximum values for each work process and parameter
  • Display of process values and statuses virtually, in real time
  • Display of archived process data for fault analysis
  • Data export to Excel
  • Data logger – high-definition for faults, analysis and display
  • Process visualisation for an unlimited number of machines and systems
  • Comprehensive alarm function via SMS or email, with archiving
  • Assignment of individual user rights
  • Optional refining of updates and extension of functional features