Reliability is the standard 

Emergency Service

Our emergency service is available around the clock. In conjunction with a maintenance contract, this ensures that we can fix any machine and rectify any system failure in the shortest possible time, even on Sundays and public holidays. 

Remote maintenance

Our solutions control, measure, regulate and monitor production and processing procedures as part of remote maintenance for machinery and system operation as well as building automation. This allows you to identify and correct any deviations in value in the shortest possible time, thus ensuring process stability.

For comprehensive maintenance, we offer individual maintenance contracts that we adapt to your specific needs. That lets us keep your machines and systems up to date at all times and ensure smooth, efficient operation.


Always prepared for the future 

Our Services

Our technical documentation gives you a comprehensive overview of all project processes. This allows us to trace and reproduce all electrical engineering processes precisely. In addition, the detailed documentation makes it easier to instruct new employees in the operation of machines and systems.

For the best possible machine and system operation, we introduce your employees to our solutions with extensive training courses and instruction. We make sure they master all the important detailed functions in order to increase the energy efficiency and profitability of your machines and systems. A system that allows high levels of parametrisation by you and your employees – that’s our goal, which we pursue together with you. And that’s how we achieve a high degree of flexibility.

Software applications
Take advantage of our software applications for central control, measurement and regulation of your machines and systems. Through continuous further development, we adapt the functionality of our software to the specific operating requirements of machines and systems. DiaLogo® is our modular software that we tailor to your individual needs.

Our warehouse is well-stocked with a broad selection of electrical components and spare parts, as well as various processing materials. We use products from leading manufacturers such as Siemens, Eaton and Lenze. Our comprehensive warehousing system shortens production times for electronic switchgear, allowing us to deliver quickly and reliably.