With our custom control cabinets and switchgear, you can rely on certified quality: We plan, design and install highly dependable solutions for you entirely in accordance with your specific requirements – including circuit diagrams and documentation upon request. Each wire can be labelled to ensure effective cable management.

We use a 3D design during the planning process to give you an idea of our concept from the very beginning, letting you participate in the decision-making right from the planning stage. That ensures that problem areas can be identified and eliminated right from the start, removing all obstacles to a correct final implementation.

Our systems can be used with complete confidence in sectors like the food and safety industries. Thanks to our many years of experience in the construction of control cabinets and switchgear, we are also happy to take international certifications, such as UL (USA), CSA (Canada) or GL (German Lloyd), etc. into account in the implementation of your project.

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